Hementamir.net provides repairing services at your door step, currently for laptops only.

Upon any damage occurs to your laptop, our Service’ll save you from the hassle of chasing & finding solution for your problem. Also in your busy life, We’ll save your extra time that will spend to leave your laptop to a different service. Additionally after repair, we’ll deliver your device as well.

Hementamir.net is established in 2017 with 14 years of knowledge and technical experience. Our technician can collect your laptop from where you would like us to. We will repair & bring it back to you as soon as possible. We can provide services from anywhere, It can be your home, your workplace or wherever you would liek to. we take pride in providing fast and guarantee repairing along with the assurance of affordable price.

The hementamir.net solutions, is established under the Lansman Computer and operates in whole Kırbis, We can reaches you almost anywhere in Kibris.